MPLS Alternative; Backhaul Offload

MPLS Alternative; Backhaul Offload

Organizations traditionally rely on connecting via costly MPLS containment networks to egress points for Internet access. If the MPLS network experiences outages or degradations in performance, business operations suffer. OPAQ offloads Internet communications from MPLS while applying a global security policy, with no performance degradation.

MPLS Alternative; Backhaul Offload

Current State

Many organizations rely on the MPLS telecommunications provider to handle security infrastructure and management. The MPLS solution is very costly and static. This requires significant attention, resources, and logistics.



The OPAQ Cloud offloads Internet traffic from MPLS networks to provide greater capacity and performance for internal applications. If the MPLS connection is down, the OPAQ Cloud can function as a backup to the MPLS during the outage period. Alternatively, OPAQ can displace MPLS altogether, offloading Internet traffic while delivering secure connections across the organization’s network.


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