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MSSP Metrics: Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

Key risk indicators (KRIs) are used to measure future adverse impacts of events and activities. They are widely used in areas such as healthcare, operations, and disaster risk management. KRIs use existing system and security sensor data to calculate residual risk due to IT operations. The inputs are similar to a combination of SIEM, GRC, and […]

Why FourV and OPAQ Joined Forces

I’m pleased to be writing this post as a member of OPAQ Networks, following the announcement today that FourV Systems has become part of the OPAQ family. Our two companies share a common focus — empowering MSPs and MSSPs with security automation to help them gain greater visibility and control while substantially simplifying the management […]

7 Metrics for Your Client’s Cyber Security Dashboard

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) accomplishing things is great, but you need to have a solid design and plan in place before achieving them — otherwise, you will start hammering away at things that are very definitely not nails. In a recent blog, we talked about using the maturity of the organization’s architecture […]

KPI v. KRI v. KCI: Key Cyber Security Indicators

Companies that have spent significant resources and money on managing their cyber security environment understandably want to know the results of all this expenditure. As such, it is important for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to be able to provide customers with some visibility into those results. However, results only tell you half the story. […]

ELK Stack for Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting

The challenges that IT security teams face can often be condensed into two critical questions: how can I grapple with the security data that we generate, and how can our tools rapidly adapt to our changing business needs? In search of answers to these questions, more and more organizations are turning to data intelligence solutions […]

Security Operations Center: The SOC of the Future

Few subjects change as fast as cyber security; being in this field is a great way to keep on your toes. With an ever-evolving IT landscape and a constant barrage of new threats, it should hardly come as a surprise that the cyber security best practices and procedures of today look very different than those […]