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Gartner’s SOAR: An Engineer’s Perspective

Organizations that ramp up their spending on cyber security tools inevitably face the question: “Am I really getting what I need out of this? If not, is it because I am not using things properly; because I need to invest more into information security; or because the threat landscape has changed under my feet?” Of […]

Security Operations Center: The Changing and Evolving SOC

Security spending in 2016 was nearly 35x that of 2004, and market analysts project it to grow more than 10% year-over-year for the foreseeable future. The overall innovation and rapid advancement of information technology are the underpinnings of this growth, to which the proliferation of cyber crime is the major driver. The evolution of the […]

A Methodical Approach to Key Control Indicators

On its face, the analysis of a key control indicator (KCI) can seem rather straightforward. Do you have confidence in the controls implemented to monitor your environment – are you “in control”? You will have to answer two questions. First, do you have the controls you need? Second, are they working as intended? Unfortunately, the […]

Quantitative v. Qualitative Measurements of Risk

While most MSSPs have a surface-level understanding of their customers’ “risk,” rarely do they invest the time to understand the implications. In particular, many organizations have a hard time differentiating between quantitative and qualitative risk, as well as the divergent impacts each can have on various parts of the business. With that said, what are […]