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OPAQ Named Best Network Security Solution in 2017 GSN Homeland Security Awards

OPAQ Cloud Receives Platinum Award for Delivering Enterprise Security-as-a-Service


OPAQ, the network security cloud company, today announced its OPAQ Cloud platform was selected best Network Security/ Enterprise Firewall solution in the 2017 GSN Homeland Security Awards.


Now in its 9th year, the GSN Homeland Security Awards program hosted by Government Security News (GSN) recognizes excellence and leadership in the Cyber Security and Homeland Security sectors. Winners were selected based on a combination of technological innovation, ability to address a recognized government IT security need, and flexibility to meet both current and future needs. Category winners were ranked with Platinum, Gold and Silver designations. A complete list of winners is posted at:


“It’s an honor for OPAQ to be recognized by GSN for the value the OPAQ Cloud is delivering to government,” said Glenn C. Hazard, Chairman & CEO of OPAQ. “Our service is enabling our partners to provide robust enterprise-grade network security to state and local governments in the most cost-effective, scalable way.”


The OPAQ Cloud is a private network backbone that enables service providers to deliver tightly integrated enterprise-grade security capabilities and centrally manage and enforce policies through a single, web-based portal. It allows OPAQ channel partners to profitably scale their business by eliminating hardware/software investments and onsite service calls. It combines next-generation firewall, web application firewall, DDoS mitigation, software-defined segmentation, and other security capabilities that are powered by leading security technologies and OPAQ intellectual property.

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OPAQ Pivots to 100 Percent Channel Sales Model With New Partner Program

Network Security Cloud Platform Enables Partners to Provide Security-as-a-Service to Midsize Enterprises


OPAQ, the network security cloud company, today announced a 100 percent channel sales model and launched its Channel Partner Program, which enables service providers to deliver best-of-breed network security previously out-of- reach to midsize enterprises. All without any capital investments in hardware or software.


Managed services providers (MSP) and managed security services providers (MSSP) are supporting midsize enterprise customers in their efforts to cost-effectively combat increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks with limited technical resources. According to research firm MarketsandMarkets, the Security-as-a-Service market size is estimated to grow from USD 3.12 Billion in 2015 to USD 8.52 Billion by 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.2%.


“Security is a top priority for our midsize customers, but the enterprise-grade protection they really need has been out of their reach because of its cost and complexity,” said Tom Turkot, Vice President, Client Solutions for Arlington Computer Products. “The OPAQ Cloud is a game changer. It allows us to make robust network security accessible to our midsize customers in a very simple and flexible way.”


The OPAQ Cloud combines next generation network security, application and SaaS firewall, web application firewall, DDoS mitigation and software-defined segmentation capabilities. It enables partners to deliver end-to-end network security across distributed infrastructures — including data centers, branch offices, mobile and remote workers, and IoT devices. OPAQ allows value added resellers (VAR) and service providers to profitably scale their business by eliminating hardware/software investments and onsite service calls through centralized provisioning, configuration and management of security services from a web-based portal.


“Security is the next hyper growth market opportunity for the channel, but traditional hardware and software models are both capital intensive and complex to deploy and manage,” said Ken Ammon, Chief Strategy Officer for OPAQ. “Our cloud-based platform eliminates these roadblocks for partners, and makes becoming a security services provider a simple online provisioning, configuration and management exercise.”


Program Highlights

The OPAQ Channel Partner Program includes a comprehensive set of go-to-market support, financial incentive and training resources. It is designed to empower partners to profitably deliver the industry’s leading network security-as-a-service solution to midsize enterprise customers. The program is backed by dedicated sales and support teams, and includes:

  • Rapid on-boarding
  • Deal registration
  • Superior margins
  • Market development funding (MDF)


For more information and to apply for the OPAQ Channel Partner Program visit:

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OPAQ and Silver Peak Bring Secure SD-WAN to Miles & Stockbridge

New alliance empowers leading law firm with the most comprehensive security-as-a-service protection available, integrated with a flexible, high-performance SD-WAN solution


OPAQ has entered into a strategic alliance with broadband and hybrid WAN leader Silver Peak to deliver an integrated security and software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solution to Miles & Stockbridge P.C., a leading law firm with multiple distributed offices across the mid-Atlantic region. The new OPAQ and Silver Peak alliance provides Miles & Stockbridge with the ability to deploy its network with performance, flexibility and cost advantages, along with comprehensive security protection.


Miles & Stockbridge is progressive in its use of advanced technology, yet was challenged with securing its complex network with limited networking and security staff. OPAQ’s security-as-a-service platform empowers Miles & Stockbridge with a simpler, centralized and more cost-effective way to manage fully integrated security services for their network. The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution proved compelling given its ability to connect Miles & Stockbridge attorneys and employees to applications with the flexibility to use any combination of underlying transport technologies, including consumer broadband, without compromising network or application performance. The combination of the OPAQ Cloud and the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution lowers costs and enhances the firm’s productivity and client service agility.


The integrated OPAQ and Silver Peak solution provides Miles & Stockbridge with the following advanced network and security capabilities:


  • Sub-second ISP failover
  • Dynamic path conditioning
  • Broadband high availability
  • Network quality of service
  • Network security policy enforcement
  • Comprehensive threat inspection
  • Full network and security reporting
  • Centralized security management, logging, and visibility


The firm is also leveraging Silver Peak First-packet iQ to identify and classify applications on the first packet and automatically steer traffic, in compliance with security policies, directly to the Internet from each branch location to the OPAQ Pods. By enabling granular Internet breakout, Miles & Stockbridge eliminates the increased latency and bandwidth costs associated with backhauling applications traffic through the data center.


“In a busy law firm like ours, it is challenging to consistently manage the appropriate risk/security posture while delivering the network and application performance which our employees need to service clients,” says Tim Rodgers, IT Operations Manager at Miles & Stockbridge. “Now, by working with OPAQ and Silver Peak, we have lowered our risk and have a faster, more reliable network that operates securely and at the speed of business.”


“Many mid-market organizations face the same need for faster, more reliable networking and simplified, centralized security,” says Kenneth Ammon, Chief Strategy Officer of OPAQ. “Traditionally, organizations would expect to sacrifice speed and performance for security. This strategic alliance really represents that this former reality is merely a myth – and that myth is now debunked.”


“For geographically distributed firms like Miles & Stockbridge, the cloud and WAN are critical to connecting users to applications and ultimately the firm’s success,” said Pat Gilbreath, vice president of North America sales at Silver Peak. “The combination of the OPAQ security as-a-service platform and EdgeConnect provides Miles & Stockbridge with the ability to establish and enforce robust network-wide security policies, while taking advantage of broadband connectivity, to confidently maintain the application service levels required to go the extra mile in servicing its clients.”


About Silver Peak

Silver Peak is the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions. Silver Peak offers a high-performance SD-WAN solution that provides secure and reliable virtual overlays to connect users to applications with the flexibility to use any combination of underlying transport without compromising application performance. This results in greater business agility and lower costs. More than 2,000 globally distributed enterprises have deployed Silver Peak broadband and hybrid WAN solutions across 80 countries. Learn more at

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OPAQ Strengthens Security Service with Drawbridge Acquisition

The company’s second acquisition this year adds powerful monitoring and micro-segmentation technology to its security-as-a-service platform, helping customers identify and isolate attacks before they spread throughout their network


OPAQ has acquired Drawbridge Networks, a provider of micro-segmentation solutions, boosting the company’s intellectual property, expanding its customer footprint, and enhancing its customers’ ability to identify, monitor, and defend against cyberattacks. This was OPAQ’s second acquisition of 2017, and builds on the previous acquisition of Bat Blue Networks; terms of the Drawbridge deal were not disclosed.


Perimeter security is a must-have for all organizations, serving as the front-line of defense against intruders targeting sensitive data and systems. In recent years, attackers have become increasingly sophisticated, employing techniques that bypass traditional defenses. As a result, organizations have had to enhance the defense of their internal networks by protecting their east-west traffic. This is where micro-segmentation can help. Micro-segmentation allows fine-grained security policies to be assigned to specific users and workloads. Using micro-segmentation, a company can automatically quarantine malicious activity before it advances laterally within a network.


OPAQ is integrating Drawbridge’s micro-segmentation technology into its security-as-a-service platform, which delivers robust security capabilities in a single cloud-based service, one that organizations can turn on and scale instantly. Drawbridge’s technology augments OPAQ’s existing service offering by deploying software agents on network endpoints, such as laptops and servers. These agents communicate with a central controller, which can be accessed and managed through OPAQ’s customer portal, providing users with greater visibility and control over who accesses assets on their network, how they do it, and for what purpose.


“We’ve been working with several organizations that had real concerns around insider threats and supply chain risks,” says John Terrill, CEO of Drawbridge Networks. “Most organizations’ internal networks are fairly flat. Using our approach to micro-segmentation significantly reduced their attack surface and let them see and shut down attacks.”


“Combining automation capabilities with software defined network security technologies such as micro-segmentation can help mid-tier organizations realize the true business benefits of network security as a service,” says Dan Cummins, Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research. “Network security policy provisioning is traditionally among the most technical and time-consuming challenges for companies of all sizes. Software defined segmentation, however, can enable easier provisioning and enforcement of security policies. Quality software defined network segmentation is oriented around organization, data and application classification, privacy, user functions and compliance — business constructs rather than the hardwired constraints of underlying infrastructure.”


“This acquisition not only sets OPAQ further apart from other security-as-a-service providers,” says OPAQ CEO Glenn Hazard, “it also perpetuates our vision of transforming how security is delivered – from the cloud, in a way that empowers customers to reduce risk, cost and product fatigue.”


Drawbridge Networks was founded in 2014 by cybersecurity veterans John Terrill and Tom Cross, who set out to deliver a unique approach to network micro-segmentation that would allow organizations to learn, detect and automatically respond to internal attacks. The company has employees in Atlanta and New York. Along with their Drawbridge colleagues, Terrill and Cross have joined the OPAQ organization. Terrill has taken the role of Chief Information Security Officer and Cross becomes OPAQ’s Chief Technology Officer.

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Study Reveals Major Shift In How Mid-Market Companies Achieve Network Security

451 Research study commissioned by OPAQ reveals 72% prefer security-as-a-service over Managed Security Provider, on-premise solutions


OPAQ, a Security-as-a-Service provider, today announced the results of its Network Security Study conducted by industry analyst firm 451 Research. The study examines the security needs, challenges, and spending priorities of mid-tier businesses.


The study revealed that mid-tier companies are battling a black hole of time, security expertise, and budget to procure, implement, and manage a variety of security products. 82 percent of respondents indicated they spend 20 to 60 hours of in-house staff resources a week to do that. Despite the well- documented challenges associated with finding and retaining security professionals, the study revealed that nearly three-quarters of the respondents dedicate between 3-5 full-time employees to manage their security. The financial hit to mid-tier businesses is an average of $178,000 annually just for network security, which represents 39 percent of an organization’s total IT security budget.


According to the study, the financial burden will continue to increase, and signs point to network security as a significant business priority. Network security spending will grow nearly twice as fast as overall IT security spending over the next five years, projecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9 percent, from $2.4 billion in 2016 to $3.5 billion in 2021. Forty percent of respondents project their spending on network security will increase between 10 to 20 percent in the next 12 months.


“The security challenge for mid-tier businesses is multi-dimensional. For these businesses, everything seems to be increasing—attack frequency, compliance requirements, complexity, costs, and the number of security products that need to be managed,” said Daniel Cummins, analyst at 451 Research. “Cloud-based security-as-a-service offers potentially significant advantages in terms of simplicity and access to security that may prove to be less complex and expensive than traditional approaches.”


Security-as-a-Service Model Winning Over Mid-Market Companies

The study heralded a potentially seismic shift in the channel ecosystem and how security is delivered to mid-tier businesses.


Nearly 40 percent of respondents indicated part-time employees, contractors, and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) manage their security workload. However, 72 percent of respondents indicated a preference for security-as-a-service compared to MSSP (9 percent) or on-premise (19 percent) solutions for managing security.


“We thought there would be a preference for the ease and simplicity of security-as-a-service solutions, but we were genuinely surprised by both the degree and urgency of the market demand. 87 percent of respondents said their timing for migrating to this type of network security delivery model was within a 12 month time frame,” said Ken Ammon, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, OPAQ. “MSSPs are and will continue to play an important role in advising and supporting incident response, but this study reveals that MSSPs should look to leverage cloud-based solutions in order to deliver what the market is demanding.”


Other significant findings from 451 Research’s Network Security Market Study include:


  • The most desired cloud-based security capabilities were data loss prevention, network access control, and encryption, followed by threat management, application control, SSL decryption, and URL filtering.
  • The top cloud-based security use cases cited were threat management and branch office enablement and optimization, followed by multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) displacement, MSSP displacement, on-demand security, and securing SaaS applications.
  • More than 60 percent cited legacy IT as the greatest barrier to improving visibility and control within their networks, followed by lack of budget at 27 percent.


The 451 Research study, which was fielded during the first quarter of 2017, surveyed 301 IT security professionals at US-based businesses with 500 to 2,500 employees.


To download the 451 Research report and to access report infographics, visit


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Cybersecurity Operations Guru Alexander McMillen Joins OPAQ

Recognized as a “Top 25 coolest network security vendor”, OPAQ just got even cooler with McMillen as Vice President of Operations


OPAQ, the premier security-as-a-service provider, today announced the addition of Alexander McMillen to its executive team. A seasoned engineering and operations executive with deep security expertise, McMillen has taken the reins as Vice President of Operations.


McMillen joins one of the “coolest network security vendors,” as recognized by CRN magazine. McMillen’s background is immersed in the design and implementation of solutions for mission- critical data center operators, web hosting companies, and cybersecurity firms. Among McMillen’s professional achievements is his leadership of the day-to-day construction and operations of a 123,000 square-foot data center campus in Ashburn, Virginia’s reputable “Data Center Alley.”


“The market understands the meaningful value that security-as-a-service delivers to their businesses,” said OPAQ Chairman and CEO Glenn Hazard. “Operations is the backbone that ensures the business value – and an exceptional customer experience – are consistently delivered. With Alex aboard, we have even further bolstered the market’s confidence in our assured delivery of simplified and cost-effective security from the cloud.”


Prior to joining OPAQ, McMillen was responsible for global data center architecture and operations, in addition to performing network vulnerability assessments and incident response for security consulting firm Roka Security. During his career, McMillen has built four Autonomous Systems (ISPs) from the ground up. In 2009, McMillen founded the Washington, DC chapter of the Vyatta Secret Society, a user group that enabled companies to perform Software Defined Networking functions on commodity hardware. He has contributed to open letters sent to Congress by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Stanford Cyber Law Center regarding Net Neutrality and Cyber Threat Information Sharing programs.


“You can’t help but get excited about the cloud-based security marketplace that OPAQ has established and continues to build,” said McMillen. “It’s an exciting time to join the OPAQ team and to lead the delivery of operational excellence across all facets of the business.”


McMillen is a member of the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG), American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Infrastructure Masons, 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance, Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) NOC, and Phi Beta Cyber Society.

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OPAQ Networks Launches With $21 Million in Series A Funding

Growth capital fuels disruption of network security delivery model


OPAQ Networks, a post revenue Network Security-as-a-Service (NSaaS) company, today announced it was formed with $21 million in Series A funding. Washington, D.C. based Columbia Capital, a venture capital franchise focused on high growth companies, led the round with Harmony Partners and Zero G Inc. The new funding will accelerate OPAQ Networks’ research and development, operations, and customer growth in the commercial market.


The rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape has led organizations to defend their networks with numerous point solutions, which are complex, time intensive to maintain, and impair network performance. This is a real challenge for small and medium sized businesses and highly distributed organizations that are resource constrained. OPAQ Networks simplifies, centralizes and secures networks by combining networking and a best of breed security stack into a single service that organizations can turn on and scale instantly.


Industry analysts see a market demand for cloud based network security solutions. According to Gartner, by 2018, 60 percent of enterprises that implement appropriate cloud visibility and control tools will experience one third fewer security failures. “So much focus has been on what security solution to use to address particular risks, but how security is delivered is equally important. That balance is the focus of OPAQ Networks,” said Daniel Cummins, analyst at 451 Research. “Centralized visibility and security policy management across distributed network assets—from data centers, cloud based SaaS applications to branch offices and mobile devices—are features in high demand; IT and security executives who are entrusted to keep a tight reign on risk and reputation need simplified and coordinated security controls and easily managed means of enforcement.”


OPAQ Networks’ launch builds on the acquisition of Bat Blue Networks, which was recognized by Gartner in its July 2016 Hype Cycle on Infrastructure Protection. A combination of an experienced management team, established client base, mature cloud security management platform and intellectual property bolster OPAQ’s plans to disrupt the network security model.


“We take the work out of networking and network security for clients. Our platform means no more complex and costly product upgrades, maintenance, or management,” said Glenn Hazard, chief executive officer, OPAQ Networks. “Rather than backhauling traffic behind the security perimeter, we extend network security controls to the location, user and device. It’s our vision to build a new ecosystem of network cyber security solutions.”


Harnessing the Power of the Cloud to Deliver Security

Whether utilizing in house resources or a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), most organizations take a product centric approach to networking and security, which has resulted in overwhelming complexity and cost.


QuaEra Insights, an advisory firm that helps optimize business decisions using scientific and quantitative analysis of data, leverages the OPAQ Networks management platform to reduce costs while tightening security control over their distributed network.


“OPAQ’s platform made it easy for us to control everything in our network, and we saw an improvement in network performance, ” said Larry Blakeman, chief operating officer, QuaEra Insights. “With the scale and sophistication of threats like ransomware, combined with the increase in mobile users, cloud based applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT), a comprehensive security solution was critical for managing our risk.”


Serial entrepreneurs Glenn Hazard and Ken Ammon are teaming up again to lead OPAQ Networks. Prior to OPAQ, Hazard successfully launched six companies. Ammon, the former founder and president of the global Managed Security Services Provider NetSec, will serve as OPAQ’s chief strategy officer. Hazard and Ammon previously teamed to lead the privileged access management pioneer Xceedium, Inc., which was successfully acquired by CA Technologies in 2015.