A Bigger Scope Means A Bigger Mission

Today, I am excited to announce that Drawbridge Networks is officially part of the OPAQ Networks team!

When we started Drawbridge Networks, we had a very clear mission of empowering companies to understand and defend their networks better than attackers. This was not an easy thing to tackle and required thinking outside of the box to create innovative technology that could achieve this goal.

Joining OPAQ Networks expands the scope of what the Drawbridge Networks team set out originally to do. The delivery, scale, and provisioning mechanisms of the OPAQ 360 platform combined with Drawbridge’s unique approach to micro-segmentation make a unified solution extremely powerful.

As security capabilities move off the customer premise, there is a need to enforce controls between different internal network segments. The Drawbridge technology enables this by providing a software-defined overlay capability using endpoint agents that can be managed from the cloud. The integration of this capability into OPAQ’s cloud-based platform enables customers to eliminate complexity and costs associated with the traditional product-centric approach to security without compromising the same local network security assurances that they have previously relied on.

This integrated offering not only creates a ton of value and capability for clients, but will serve as a foundation for what will be extremely powerful security technology going forward – stay tuned!