Partner Program

Partner Program

OPAQ partners play a critical role in making enterprise-grade security accessible and affordable for mid-size enterprises. The OPAQ partner program enables leading VARs, Managed Service Providers, and MSSPs to grow their business quickly and create new revenue opportunities that also equip them with a long-term competitive advantage.

OPAQ Channel Partners leveraging our network security-as-a-service can grow their revenues and margins, differentiate their business, and eliminate complexity and costs associated with managing a multitude of security products.

OPAQ Core Technology Partners are enterprise-grade security technology brands you know and trust. These partner technologies are integrated into the OPAQ Cloud in a way that delivers best-of-breed security capabilities in the most flexible and simplified way.

OPAQ Technology Alliance Partners provide innovative security and networking capabilities that are designed to integrate with the OPAQ Cloud. Technology Alliance Partners help make it even easier for mid-size enterprises to integrate the OPAQ Cloud into their hybrid IT environment.

Why Partner with OPAQ? 

Get in on the market boom – Capture early market share in this fast-growing market by adding new or more efficient high-margin, high-value services to your portfolio. The security-as-a-service market size is estimated to grow from USD 3.12 Billion in 2015 to USD 8.52 Billion by 2020, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.2%.

Explode your revenue and margins – Partners that add the OPAQ Cloud to their premium services will ensure high-margin revenue streams.

Gain a competitive advantage – Incorporating OPAQ into your portfolio will better differentiate you from your competitors and enable you to easily deliver enterprise-grade network security to mid-size enterprise customers.

Quick time to value — Working with OPAQ is as easy as connecting into OPAQ’s trusted and reliable network backbone. Realizing greater revenue and value takes just a few days, not months.

Go beyond basic compliance — The OPAQ Cloud goes well beyond minimum “checklist” compliance by taking a Zero Trust security approach. Capabilities such as OPAQ’s software-defined segmentation assures secure communications and protects against lateral east-west movement within the network, isolating breaches before they propagate throughout the network.

The OPAQ Partner Program offers two tiers of partnership opportunities: Silver and Gold.

Partnership Program Tiers

 Silver Partner:

  • $1 million annual commitment
  • 1 OPAQ certified engineer  
  • Access to the OPAQ Partner Portal 
  • Deal registration 
Gold Partner: 

  • $3 million annual commitment 
  • 3 OPAQ certified engineers 
  • Access to the OPAQ Partner Portal 
  • Deal registration 
  • MDF 
  • Access to Private Instance 
  • Named Customer Success Representative  
  • Solution Architect support 

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