OPAQ has partnered with premier industry security leaders to deliver best-of-breed security capabilities from the cloud. Core Technology Partners’ enterprise-grade security technologies are integrated into the fabric of the OPAQ Cloud. Robust security features are designed to empower channel partners and their enterprise customers with state of the art capabilities.

Palo Alto Networks provides next-generation security capabilities to empower organizations with increased visibility, control, and understanding to prevent advanced threats against their infrastructure. Palo Alto Networks’ Next-Generation Firewall capabilities are integrated into the OPAQ Cloud, which further OPAQ’s mission to empower our partners’ customers with enterprise-grade security protection in the most simplified, fast, and flexible way.

Cloudflare protects websites, makes them run faster, and improves availability. Cloudflare and OPAQ have partnered to help protect web properties from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other web threats before they hit the server. Cloudflare capabilities are integrated into the OPAQ Cloud to empower customers with advanced DDoS mitigation, dynamic web application firewall (WAF), easy SSL, and other security capabilities.