A consistent and comprehensive security services operation requires enterprise-grade security controls.

OPAQ ENTERPRISE closes security gaps and reduces risk and exposure by delivering a fully-integrated security stack based on best-in-class, enterprise-grade components — from the cloud.


  • Enterprise-grade network security accessible and affordable for midsize enterprises
  • No hardware or software to license or manage
  • Simplifies security management
  • Endpoint to Internet network security enforced from the cloud
  • Extends existing AD authentication to cloud services
  • Selective threat detection and response on all network traffic – encrypted or not
  • Corporate authentication for remote access to cloud apps from any device
  • Improved network performance
  • Reduces security analyst workload
  • Enables instant response through remote isolation of compromised systems  
  • Provides consistent and proactive service performance reporting 
  • Guides security roadmap development with respect to compliance or best practices 


  • Simply manage, measure, and enforce comprehensive best-of-breed security controls from the cloud
  • Eliminates cost and complexity
  • Apply current corporate access control security to cloud/ SaaS access
  • Integrated full visibility network threat detection
  • Low-latency; improved user experience
  • Low-friction assessment of customer environment
  • Sales leads from low-friction assessment of security environment
  • Continuous monitoring, analytics, and assessments identify and prioritize security deficiencies
  • Reporting effectively communicates the value of security services to technical and non-technical decision makers
  • Rapidly see and respond/quarantine infected hosts to protect the internal network


XXXSecurity Compliance and Maturity SnapShot (no data integration)
XXXData-Driven Security Compliance and Maturity Monitoring & Reporting
XXXData-Driven Security Metrics and Performance Reporting
XXXLog and Security Data Management
XXXInsight Endpoint Visibility
XXXHost quarantine
XXVirtual Private Network (VPN)
XSoftware Defined Segmentation
XXAzure AD-Ready (federated Active Directory)
XXDuo-Ready (dual-factor authentication)
XXNetwork Vulnerability Scanning
XXNetwork Threat Detection (SSL Decrypt & Wildfire)
XNetwork Firewall
XXNetwork Antivirus/malware/spyware
XXNetwork Intrusion Prevention
XNetwork URL Filtering
XActive Directory Policy Integration
XWeb Application Firewall (WAF)
XDistributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection
XContent Delivery Network (CDN)

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