OPAQ Pro empowers partners with 100% visibility and control of the security environment. Automated, centralized security metrics, compliance monitoring and reporting reduces security analyst workload and enables instant response by empowering you with the ability to remotely quarantine compromised systems – all through a single interface.

A streamlined assessment of technical security controls and compliance maturity yields a baseline assessment report, which provides clear visibility into the areas of security that require prioritized improvement.


  • Reduces security analyst workload
  • Enables instant response through remote isolation of compromised systems  
  • Provides consistent and proactive service performance reporting 
  • Guides security roadmap development with respect to compliance or best practices 


  • Low-friction assessment of security environment
  • Continuous monitoring, analytics, and assessments identify and prioritize security deficiencies
  • Reporting effectively communicates the value of security services to technical and non-technical decision makers
  • Rapidly see and respond/quarantine infected hosts to protect the internal network


XXXSecurity Compliance and Maturity SnapShot (no data integration)
XXXData-Driven Security Compliance and Maturity Monitoring & Reporting
XXXData-Driven Security Metrics and Performance Reporting
XXXLog and Security Data Management
XXXInsight Endpoint Visibility
XXXHost quarantine
XXVirtual Private Network (VPN)
XSoftware Defined Segmentation
XXAzure AD-Ready (federated Active Directory)
XXDuo-Ready (dual-factor authentication)
XXNetwork Vulnerability Scanning
XXNetwork Threat Detection (SSL Decrypt & Wildfire)
XNetwork Firewall
XXNetwork Antivirus/malware/spyware
XXNetwork Intrusion Prevention
XNetwork URL Filtering
XActive Directory Policy Integration
XWeb Application Firewall (WAF)
XDistributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection
XContent Delivery Network (CDN)


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