Service Provider Partners

Service Provider Partners

OPAQ enables managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to deliver network security from the cloud to midsize enterprises. This empowers service provider partners to deliver comprehensive network security-as-a-service in a way that allows them to grow revenue and margins, reduce costs, improve flexibility, and establish a compelling competitive advantage.

With OPAQ, service providers no longer have to deal with the high costs and complexities associated with managing dozens of security products to in order to secure customer networks. You can deliver comprehensive network security to your midsize customers via the OPAQ Cloud — and centrally manage all of your customers through the OPAQ 360 Portal, a single web-based interface.

Why the OPAQ Cloud?
Managed service providers are increasingly faced with the demand to deliver comprehensive security to their customers. Delivering network security from the cloud saves you time, saves you money, and grows your business. Whether you are currently offering security services or your organization is just getting started as a managed service provider, the OPAQ Cloud equips you with the most efficient and effective way to meet your customers’ call for network security.

By partnering with OPAQ, you’ll:

  • Simplify and centralize security management via the OPAQ 360 Portal
  • Ensure fast and reliable network performance via OPAQ’s private network backbone
  • Attract and retain customers by giving them something your competitors aren’t – access to enterprise-grade network security from the cloud with a lucrative, recurring revenue model

OPAQ’s Partner Program will help MSPs and MSSPs expand their service portfolios to drive new opportunities, retain existing accounts, and grow revenue margins.

Benefits of OPAQ’s MSP/MSSP Partner Program:

  • Meaningful discounts
  • New, recurring revenue/greater margins with OPAQ’s security-as-a-service
  • Partner Portal makes it simple to work with OPAQ
  • Revenue-acceleration program
  • Account management and technical support
  • MDF funds and co-marketing opportunities

Become a partner today.

*The OPAQ Channel Partner program includes 2 tiers: Gold and Silver; partner benefits are outlined here.

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