According to Gartner, security and risk issues facing institutions are already higher than in most other industries due to their open nature. Education institutions are also grappling with an influx of new IoT devices and a shift to reliance on cloud services, which burden a small team of IT staff.

Educational organizations typically have legacy IT environments that are set up in silos and rely on a number of security products. This poses serious scalability and complexity challenges for an industry that suffers from low budgets and small security staff.

Higher education institutions are often targeted for the large amounts of data they collect and manage, especially the personal information of employees and students. According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach and Investigations Report, there were 455 notable cybersecurity incidents in the educational sector last year with 73 resulting in data disclosure.

Education institutions know they need the strongest security that’s also fast and flexible. In fact, Gartner found in their 2018 CIO Agenda Survey that Higher Education CIOs ranked cyber/ information security as their top priority.

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