Data security and privacy are top concerns for the legal and compliance sectors. Threat actors continue to develop sophisticated attacks to obtain highly confidential personal or business information held by the legal sector. According to a recent American Bar Association (ABA) 2017 survey, 22% of law firms reported suffering a data breach last year, and 43% suffered malware infections.

Law firms host some of the most sensitive, proprietary data, and the last thing these organizations want is client confidentiality to be breached by a cyberattack. The ABA survey also found that more than a third of law firms reported current or potential clients presented them with security requirements.

Organizations in the legal sector looks to reduce cyber risk with a security solution that protects every element of their network, including internal and external threats. These organizations also must meet an increasing number of standards and frameworks, including ISO, NIST and CIS. However, only 8% of law firms have certifications according to the ABA.

The viability of firms in this sector relies on corporate reputation and client confidence, and to maintain both their executives must make risk management a priority.