Media and Entertainment Industry

The media and entertainment industry has been severely targeted by cyber criminals in the past few years. The 2014 cyber attack and subsequent data leak against Sony Pictures remains the most notable. Entertainment and media companies remain concerned about theft of intellectual property or sensitive corporate data, as well as degradation to website performance or downtime.

Common attacks against media and entertainment companies with large digital footprints include SQL injection attacks, DNS attacks, DDoS attacks, and intellectual property theft or pirated content.

Those with brick and mortar hotels, such as the hotel industry, have experienced breaches on their point-of-sale (POS) systems. Data breaches that compromise media customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) and credit card data are not only costly, but greatly affect corporate reputation.

New compliance requirements, such as the recent implementation of GDPR, require media companies to present specific compliance maturity and security metrics to satisfy regulators and their consumers’ privacy concerns. Media and entertainment organizations know they need the strongest security that’s also fast and flexible.