On Demand Security Deployment

Legacy security product implementation slows business agility

Many organizations currently evaluate, acquire, implement, manage and update new products and services in a lengthy process that can take months to years. The process of acquiring, deploying and maintaining these legacy security products and services is time consuming and resource intensive. Change means an exorbitant amount of time, money, and resources, which most organizations simply don’t have. For example, if a merger and acquisition were to be on the horizon, are you agile and adaptive enough to immediately accommodate those needs?

The OPAQ Cloud secures your environment in minutes, rather than months

OPAQ eliminates the burden associated with the deployment, testing, acquisition and management of security products so organizations can be empowered with instant-on security that can accommodate practically any change or business requirement. OPAQ has been shown to reduce deployment time by 91% when compared to the time and logistics typically required to roll out traditional, legacy security tools.