Ransomware & Threat Mitigation

Sophisticated Attacks Continue to Target Security Gaps

Service providers recognize that enterprises face difficulties securing and controlling existing infrastructure due to the large number of products and vendors, lack of resources, budget and security expertise. Top challenges include:

  • Protecting against ransomware and other malware-targeted attacks – Cyber criminals increasingly develop new strains of ransomware and malware for targeted attacks against organizations of all sizes.
  • Insider threats or supply chain access control – Many enterprises remain concerned over insider threats and supply chain access control.
  • Mobile, remote workforce/ BYOD – As remote workforce and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends continue to expand, organizations are forced to secure an increasingly distributed network.


The OPAQ Cloud Integrates Enterprise-Grade Security Capabilities

OPAQ alleviates these challenges by integrating enterprise-grade security capabilities into the OPAQ Cloud and our private networking backbone, which frees up resources and reduces costs. The OPAQ 360 Portal empowers partners to deliver tighter control to organizations by allowing them to apply a consistent security policy and centralize visibility across their customer’s entire distributed network. The OPAQ Cloud scans all inbound, outbound, and site-to-site communications and content running on an end user’s network to identify and mitigate malicious traffic. The OPAQ Cloud is always upgraded real-time with our patented NFV technology to equip organizations with the most advanced protection.

The OPAQ Cloud addresses a multitude of threats including:

  • Protecting against ransomware and other malware-targeted attacks – The OPAQ Cloud empowers service providers to easily manage vulnerabilities and exploits; malware, spyware and ransomware; botnets, command and control systems; Advanced Persistent Threats; and Zero Day threats.
  • Insider threats or supply chain access control – OPAQ’s Software-Defined Network Segmentation delivers micro-segmentation, quarantine, and other capabilities that prevent east-west lateral movement inside your customer’s network. You will be able to isolate and quarantine compromised workstations to prevent infections from spreading throughout your customer’s network.
  • Mobile, remote workforce/ BYOD – With the OPAQ Cloud, service providers can apply uniform, consistent security policies across all users and endpoints for each of their enterprise customers.