Retail Industry

Retail organizations are increasingly more distributed and adopting hybrid environments, including mobile devices, IoT, third-party payment systems and point-of-sale software, kiosks, and WiFi services. This creates a larger attack surface with inconsistent security policies which cyber criminals can exploit to gain access to sensitive corporate and customer data.

More ecommerce sites for customers means more threats to customer data, especially credit card information. Point-of-sale (POS) systems are a highly targeted asset by cyber criminals to access valuable information. According to a report by 451 Research, 52% of retail organizations experienced a data breach last year, and 88% still feel vulnerable.

PCI and other regulatory requirements continue to apply increasing pressure on retail organizations to level up their security posture.

It is crucial for the retail industry to adopt a cyber security solution that offers centralized visibility and control over their distributed environments, while also ensuring their endpoints inside the network are also adequately protected.