SaaS Application Protection

Tired of juggling legacy point solutions to protect your growing number of SaaS Apps?

Service providers recognize enterprises are constantly adapting their environments to meet end users’ needs by increasingly adopting a multitude of SaaS applications. The growing importance of mobility also intensifies the difficulties of managing a distributed network environment. This constant state of change and expansion creates security challenges for the enterprises and their service providers. Traditional and legacy security tools do not provide service providers and their customers with the ability to maintain control and visibility over multiple SaaS applications and mobile users.

The OPAQ Cloud centralizes security control over all SaaS applications

The OPAQ Cloud simplifies and tightens control by applying a unified security policy over all SaaS applications and mobile users. Partners will be able to achieve centralized visibility over their customer’s network with the OPAQ 360 Portal, which delivers 24/7/365 monitoring and reporting capabilities.