SD-WAN Solutions Are Not Security Solutions

The key drivers for adopting SD-WAN are to improve agility, simplify management, and reduce costs in the form of reduced CAPEX, OPEX, as well as savings in network service provider expenses. However, security is becoming a bigger SD-WAN concern. Challenges and risks that users of SD-WAN may likely be experiencing include:

  • Egressing of traffic in places that is not getting inspected by a Next-Generation Firewall
  • Internal traffic between sites on the internal network can be vulnerable to lateralization attacks and the propagation of malware or other threats
  • False sense of security from SD-WAN solutions; SD-WAN solutions are not security solutions

Learn more in this OPAQ lighboard video:

The OPAQ Cloud Integrates with SD-WAN Solutions and Protects from the Internet to the Endpoint

The OPAQ Cloud integrates with SD-WAN providers supporting IPSec connectivity from the SD-WAN appliance or SD-WAN gateway. OPAQ’s Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) solves for potential security gaps by inspecting all traffic and securing it with Next-Generation Firewall protection. In addition, OPAQ’s integrated Endpoint Protection solves for potential security gaps between sites and prevents lateral east-west movement and the propagation of threats inside the network.

OPAQ empowers their customers with enterprise-grade security protection along with the performance and flexibility that SD-WAN delivers.