Analyzing the data generated by your security infrastructure is challenging. Raw traffic and event data aren’t very easy to wrap your head around – especially when it’s generated by multiple infrastructure components. Moreover, even once the data is collected and organized, deriving enough meaningful insight to make the data actionable adds another real-world challenge.

Analytics and Machine Learning/AI for Timely Operational Insight

No more keeping up with the latest log formats, worrying about storage or performance of your security analytics capability, or how you can get data easily from one security solution into the next. OPAQ’s Reporting and Analytics solution takes the effort out of getting value from your security service investment by collecting and managing the security data produced by your OPAQ service while automating the transformation into insightful and actionable information. Whether you’d like reporting for one day or one year, OPAQ empowers you with the tools to produce information about your service you can immediately use to manage network operations and security concerns.

Why OPAQ Analytics and Reporting?


The reports and analytic workbenches delivered by OPAQ pinpoint users, applications, and host that effect your network and security operations the most, enabling you to dig into the data quickly and take action within the OPAQ 360 cloud console to tune the configuration of your environment.


Data is collected, normalized, and analyzed continuously to generate metrics and reporting results.


Reports can be customized with logos and additional content for a unique output that is your own.

Discover patterns.

OPAQ reporting and analytics discovers anomalies in user behavior for bandwidth utilization, threat events, and blocked websites.


Enable security personnel to spend their time making the security service better and dig deeper into data quickly. The OPAQ reporting and analytics solution works with all OPAQ service offerings, so you have one place to look for your security platform data needs.


Reports generated by the OPAQ platform typically take seconds to generate for daily and weekly reports.

Immediate availability.

From day one of signing up for OPAQ service, your reporting and analytics capability is available without any need for configuration, tuning, or management of data or compute infrastructure.


Establishing the right content to develop a regular security reporting regimen can take months in itself. OPAQ gets you off and running from day one with great-looking results that make reporting easy.


If you already have a custom-built reporting solution, you can easily integrate with our API to deliver the same insights that you get through our metrics console.

OPAQ Analytics and Reporting complement the OPAQ Firewall-as-a-Service and OPAQ Endpoint Protection-as-a-Service products.