The process of security data collection and organization to manage cyber risk is challenging. The data is distributed across an increasingly hybrid IT environment. Once the data is collected and organized, deriving meaningful business and compliance risk context usually involves multiple products with long implementation periods operated by highly skilled risk management practitioners. Alerts are rife with false positives, and important events are often missed.

OPAQ Security Data Management, Analysis and Reporting

OPAQ Analytics & Reporting solves the challenges associated with security data collection and organization by automating the process into insightful information. Whether you keep logs for three days or three years, OPAQ empowers you with flexible storage and retrieval, and the data is continuously analyzed and transformed into reports you can immediately use to manage operational and compliance business risk. OPAQ Analytics & Reporting also provides powerful interactive data analytics, enabling you to dive deeper into the data.

OPAQ Analytics & Reporting has the ability to:

  • Continuously ingest, digest, retain and analyze data
  • Automate security operations and compliance reporting
  • Enable a full-range of security data analysis
  • Requires no data integration for the OPAQ cloud platform
  • Supports all third-party security vendor products

Features of Analytics & Reporting

Flexible security data collection and management

Automated cloud collection, normalization and transformation of data using the OPAQ Cloud common information model simplifies security data management

Security operations metrics and reporting

Continuous monitoring and measurement of security operations to priortize tasks and enable communications to technical and non-technical decision-makers

Security controls mapping

Puts technical security controls in context with control and compliance frameworks, such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and others

Security controls monitoring and reporting

Automates collection of evidence from security controls, identifies controls gaps, highlights compliance challenges

Security log retention

Aggregate and store data to meet your security data retention and compliance requirements

Security log analysis

Analytics workbench used to investigate incidents, identify threats, and inform risk mitigation actions