Cyber attacks target your employees and their workstations in the hope of gaining a beachhead into the corporate environment. One wrong click or download, and ransomware or other malicious threat may spread laterally (east-west) across the internal network.

Victims of cyber attacks aren’t always with the biggest brand or revenue generation. Sixty-one percent are companies with less than 1,000 employees. Strong protection and control at the endpoint is more critical today than ever.

OPAQ Advanced Endpoint Security

OPAQ’s Endpoint Protection-as-a-Service (EPaaS) provides the enterprise-grade protection and control you need to prevent attacks, reduce attack surface, and enable instantaneous incident response.

Through the OPAQ Agent you get always-on, next-generation endpoint security within hours, without the manually intensive equipment reconfiguration and costly traffic backhaul that can drain your network security budget.

OPAQ EPaaS empowers your network management team to:

  • Protect your users with not only antivirus and antispyware, but multi-factor authentication, malware detection, and strong endpoint detection and response (EDR).
  • Apply advanced remote and mobile security that is “always on,” even when people are not using enterprise VPN protection.
  • Easily encrypt data on the endpoint device’s disk and across the WAN at large.
  • Be able to identify traffic at an advanced application level – ensure you have protection and processes against suspicious macro enablement, file-less malware threats, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) inlets.
  • Microsegment – split WAN traffic into subnetworks to secure communications from workstation to workstation, workstation to server, and server to server, reducing the risk of lateral malware spread.
  • Administer Zero Trust security best practices as you orchestrate traffic in dynamic and cost-optimum ways by leveraging the cloud.

You’ll gain key capabilities such as:

  • Network intrusion prevention and detection (IPS/IDS)
  • Network anti-virus/malware/spyware
  • External IP inspection and filtering
  • URL inspection and filtering
  • Internet exposure minimization through direct peering with all major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google) and more than 180 content and Internet service providers
  • Zero-Day protection
  • Carrier-grade upstream transit capacity in excess of 15Gbps
  • Hardware and software asset inventory
  • Group and user group based software-defined network segmentation
  • Advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) that empowers organization to take the offensive in stemming cybercrime.

Find an endpoint-protection-as-a-service solution that’s right for you:

Endpoint Protect: Always-on “firewall anywhere” protection

Endpoint Control: Visibility and control with software-defined network segmentation

Endpoint Defend: Advanced intelligence and malware protection