Stopping the lateral movement of infected machines isn’t easy. In just four days in 2018, WannaCry was able to knock out 200,000 computers across 150 countries, including some hospitals.

Organizations need visibility into how endpoints are behaving and what network processes they are running. They need to discover why an employee’s laptop is initiating remote desktop connections across the entire network. They also need to immediately isolate endpoints that are running a network process called “bitcoin4-me” on UDP 7734.

You need to see it to stop it. The quicker the better.

OPAQ Endpoint Control provides:

  • Simple policy logic for stopping users from talking to each other over ports commonly used for malicious propagation. (They shouldn’t be talking on these anyway.)

  • Network topology and analytic views that show who’s talking to who and what network processes are running on which endpoint.

  • Greater visibility into lateral east-west traffic for optimum network performance and incident response time.

  • Easier network segmentation / microsegmentation, which empowers you to structure traffic smartly to protect key enterprise assets from impact.

  • The ability to apply Zero Trust security best practices.

  • Advanced endpoint security in hours / days versus months, managed through a single cloud console

OPAQ Endpoint Control gives you the visibility to see suspicious activity, quickly search for malicious network processes across your user base, and stop all network communication from infected endpoints.

Features include:

  • Host asset inventory
  • Host group and user group based software-defined network segmentation, aka microsegmentation
  • Instantaneous host quarantine
  • Endpoint analysis console

OPAQ Endpoint Control integrates with OPAQ Firewall-as-a-Service, OPAQ Endpoint Protect, and OPAQ Endpoint Defend to provide comprehensive, endpoint to Internet/Cloud protection.