With the increasing adoption of distributed Internet devices, the average organizational attack surface is aggressively expanding. We’re talking about the growing number of mobile devices being used outside the private WAN where they are unprotected by enterprise firewall or network security policies.

By itself, traditional, static antivirus hasn’t been enough to stop malware and ransomware at the endpoints. To beat the antivirus protection, the hacker just needs to add a character to the code and recompile. Meanwhile, basic antivirus agents are not intelligent enough to share information with each other, or with other analytical security tools, and a hack or breach can turn into an expanding infection or loss of network control.

Stop attacks before they get started to avoid the malware’s spread and the compromise of company and customer data.

Advanced Protection at the Endpoints, Beyond Antivirus

OPAQ Endpoint Defend is a SASE software agent rapidly deployed to your end-user computing devices to provide advanced remote security beyond antivirus and firewall protection. Endpoint Defend automatically protects, detects, and responds using machine learning, threat intelligence, and AI to stop attacks on endpoints before they can be fully executed.

OPAQ Endpoint Defend empowers you to:

  • Automate endpoint detection and response.
  • Reduce the organizational attack surface by preventing known and unknown malware from infecting endpoints.
  • Prevent the launching of malicious executable files, DLLs, and Office macros.
  • Manage potentially complicated endpoint defense easily through a single cloud console.

Gain the following endpoint defense capabilities in hours/days instead of months:

  • Behavior-based ransomware protection, which safeguards the endpoint against encryption-based malware.
  • Threat intelligence from malware prevention, which quickly identifies and prevents threats.
  • Network sandboxing with static, dynamic, and bare-metal malware analysis.
  • The ability to scan for dormant malware before it is executed, using machine learning-powered malware examination flow and local analysis.
  • Pre-exploit protection, which blocks reconnaissance and vulnerability-profiling techniques before an attack can occur.
  • Technique-based exploit prevention that works to stop known and zero-day exploits.

OPAQ Endpoint Defend integrates with OPAQ Firewall-as-a-Service, OPAQ Endpoint Protect, and OPAQ Endpoint Control to provide comprehensive, endpoint to Internet/Cloud protection.