The Endpoint Security Challenge

Once off the corporate network, your employees don’t have the protection of your firewall, intrusion prevention system, or other security controls. As these mobile workers roam, the free hotspots they might use to connect to your corporate network are notoriously insecure. A 2018 iPass study reported that 57% of CIOs estimated their mobile workers had been hacked or had caused a mobile security issue over the past year.

Endpoint security flaws leave you wide-open to inside-out breaches as well. Unless an endpoint is using a corporate VPN connection, companies are blind to what that endpoint is doing off the network, whether it’s being spied on, having credentials stolen, or sending data or other enterprise assets somewhere they aren’t supposed to go. Always-on security protection is superior to VPNs because it does not have to be enabled or disabled by the user, protecting mobile users no matter where they may roam or how they may be connecting.

Most endpoint solutions protect only against specific types of attacks, for example, DNS-based attacks (e.g., DNS hijacking and phantom domain attacks) or Web-based attacks (e.g., cross-site scripting, SQL injection, DoS, and brute-force password hacks). Few solutions protect the endpoint from both DNS- and Web-based assaults.

Simple, Reliable Endpoint Protection in Minutes

OPAQ Endpoint Protect is ideal for both DNS-based and Web-based threats.

Endpoint Protect ensures that every Internet connection initiated by the endpoint goes through OPAQ’s security cloud. This model provides affordable cloud-delivered enterprise-grade security service for organizations that previously couldn’t afford or manage distributed advanced security.

OPAQ secures your remote workers and private network from the latest threats. Security follows users wherever they go – whether in a coffee shop, inside an airport or on a plane or train.

Always-on OPAQ Endpoint Protect is simple to deploy and is managed through a single cloud console. OPAQ Endpoint Protect delivers the following endpoint protection capabilities.

  • Network intrusion prevention and detection (IPS/IDS)
  • Network anti-virus/malware/spyware
  • External IP inspection and filtering
  • Network URL inspection and filtering

  • Zero-Day protection
  • Internet exposure minimization
  • Carrier-grade upstream transit capacity of more than 15Gbps

OPAQ Endpoint Protect integrates with OPAQ Firewall-as-a-Service, OPAQ Endpoint Control, and OPAQ Endpoint Defend to provide comprehensive, endpoint to Internet/Cloud protection.