During times of disruption, downturn and danger, leaders face intense scrutiny and criticism. Is there direct cause-and-effect evidence leading to how unprepared I, or we all were? The practice of measure everything has pervaded, even amid chaos.

To a backdrop of “remote work is a critical now,” business must go on, and employees need the ability to contribute remotely while balancing work and life. Network security teams can step in here and support leaders, employees and customer interactions by extending secure and high-performant network services out to the edge, while capturing the value IT people and tools add to the business, customer care, and individual safety.

The ability to record, report and analyze security-related KPIs, KRIs, and KCIs is essential for organizations who recognize they are in the middle of a digital transformation and/or coinciding crisis. Digital transformation is an evolution in which always-on network agility and security, and real-time metrics, are all vital.

OPAQ provides a converged network and security cloud (secure access service edge/SASE), keeping your traffic moving, user experience high, and customer care at its highest distributed level. When the physical world becomes impossible, you have to be able to weather the storm via secure distributed intelligence and online value exchange.

OPAQ complements this agile and distributed SASE coverage – i.e., network and security established at the point of access – with future-proof reporting and analytics capabilities:

  • Dashboards for visualizing key security and network traffic patterns and metrics.
  • The ability to search across events captured by the OPAQ SASE platform.
  • Reports for analyzing and optimizing network segmentation, with the ability to categorize access control by device, group, site, behavior, and more.
  • Network and security operations, VPN usage, and endpoint activity reports.
  • Log management capabilities and integrations with third-party SIEM or analytics systems such as Sumo Logic.

OPAQ SASE reporting and analytics enables IT teams to:

  • See, control and segment who and what enters your network.
  • Analyze network, device, service, and application data to protect remote users from virtual and physical health related threats.
  • Establish or enhance security KPIs, KRIs, and KCIs, which represent the metrics CISOs, IT managers, and transformational SecOps network engineers must pursue.
  • Monitor and protect your network endpoints as they utilize the benefit/risk duality of the public Internet and clouds.
  • Analyze user behavior for anomalies.
  • Measure the efficacy of the zero trust security principles you roll out to the remote workforce and remote network access points.
  • Share reports and key metrics with your hosted network security customers as part of the fulfilment of service-level agreements.

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