Security-as-a-Service Use Cases

Security-as-a-Service Use Cases

With OPĀQ, you are empowered with an easy way to overcome complex challenges.

Today, organizations acknowledge that the traditional, product-centric security delivery model is ineffective due to three major trends:

  1. The increasingly sophisticated threat landscape
  2. The shortage of security expertise
  3. The complexity of managing security over a hybrid IT infrastructure.


The market is evolving to meet these challenges by introducing more simplified, flexible and cost-effective security. Security-as-a-service has emerged to deliver immediate value to service providers that are supporting mid-size enterprises that have been unable to access enterprise-grade security due to its cost and complexity. Simply put? Security-as-a-service is the simplest way for partners to give their mid-size enterprise customers the enterprise-grade security they need and deserve — while making it simple for the partners to manage and enforce.

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