You've been using the cloud to receive services for years. It's about time to get security from the cloud.

OPAQ is working with highly respected, reputable brands that rely on the security and agility of the OPAQ Cloud to help them simplify control across their complex, distributed network.

Trusted by reputable, well-known brands
We’ve earned the trust of of highly respected organizations that count on our service and support to empower them to simplify and secure their networks.

Management team known for innovation
Led by former Xceedium CEO Glenn Hazard, former founder and president of NetSec Ken Ammon, and other seasoned executives, OPAQ has redefined how network security is delivered.

Security that’s baked into networking, not bolted on
We’ve been doing this longer than anyone, tightly integrating networking with security, so that we can empower organizations with the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to secure their networks.

Real, meaningful value instantly delivered
Our clients revel in the fact that they’ve reduced complexity by 80%, reduced deployment time by 91%, and reduced costs by 40%. Imagine what OPAQ can do for you.

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